Multan Labour boy, with top score in exam goes viral

Multan 16 year old boy M. Huzifa who secured a near perfect score in his matriculation exam serves tea with a bright smile.

The teenager cannot afford to quit his job & continue his studies because he supports his five siblings and mother being the sole breadwinner of his family foreign media reported

Now a picture of the young boy

Who achieved a score of 1050 out of 1100 on his exam in 2019, has gone viral on twitter. In the photograph, Huzaifa is seen selling drinks in the Ghala Mendi Area of Multan. Sharing a picture of the smiling boy, tweep @Hafsaofficial12 wrote; ‘How Amazing its to sea a bright intelligent boy like Huzifa who scored 1050 out of 1100’.

The boy is working at a sherbat ( drinks) stall in order to earn a living for his younger orphan siblings and mother.

Several tweeps also shared the picture appreciating the boy hard work.According to local media reports, Huziafa was previously offered a scholarship at private college but he refused it to continue working.

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